Hannah Williams and The Tastemakers were brought to my attention just after Summer last year, I was told that they're amazing, so I went to go and check out their MySpace and good lord were they right.

I knew I needed to get these guys involved somehow with Frontier and was dying to make them a video. Fortunately their keyboard player is in my film class so I worked my way in that way and after a couple of meetings and several cups of tea we arranged a bunch of films for 2011 to coincide with their new releases.

The first of these videos is the recording of their new EP at the Valley Studios in Winchester. It was the 2nd of January when we first all met up, I was still recovering somewhat from two nights before but was very up for and excited recording this incredible funk band put down some new songs.
It was the first time I've seen a tape machine in use for recording. I'm used to seeing these things just go straight into a laptop or overly powered Mac so seeing it being done the old way was cool and it really makes you appreciate the music more, and after having heard the mixed versions I can tell you doing it this way is totally worth it.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers have a lot to look forward in 2011. They're currently being signed to Italian funk label Record Kicks and have more releases and shows coming soon.


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