The MX2 controller is capable of controlling a low-cost motorized telescope head, in addition to its two axes of DC motor control. This functionality can be used to quickly and easily add pan and tilt control to your MoCo project at a very low cost. The following telescope mounts are supported:

Acuter Merlin
Merlin SynScan AZ GoTo
Orion Teletrack
Skywatcher Multifunction
Celestron Skywatcher**

You’ll notice that the only difference between these mounts is the name brand and the hand-controller on it. You do not need to buy the GoTo models, as the extra cost will be unrealized (the MX2 replaces the hand-controller when used with the MX2 or the Stage Zero). Please note that these are the only officially supported telescope mounts. Other models produced by Synta or the other name brands they market under may work but have not been tested, and even if they do support the same protocol, they may have wildly different wiring requirements that may make them incompatible. From here on out, we will refer to these heads collectively as Merlin.

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