Feeding the grid while getting fit.

TechFit is a fitness machine with sensors and with the capacity of producing, storing and transmitting clean energy. It’s maximum potential is achieved by the possibility of being connected to a network of users or others machines as a receiver/transmitter of data.

It’s based on interconnectivity and clean energy.

It has the ability of capturing the energy dissipated by the user during an exercise session, for reusing it or saving it on batteries. It’s a hybrid tool that can use electric energy or clean energy generated by one or more machines. It has the ability, through it’s sensors to capture and transmit data of the environment that surrounds the machine, making possible to update automatically parameters of temperature, humidity, co2, etc.

The option of being networked with other similar machines (bikes, ellipticals, running machines) opens up new ways of developing new routines or group exercises, also it´s sensors can be integrated as controllers of video games or virtual reality, which opens a series of new solutions for the user as well as marketing solutions. The internet connection allows the user to store in a personal profile, health and sport data, visualizing or sharing this information through social networks or smart phones.

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