XYLOGAS Wood Gas Plants for Production of Electricity and Heat out of biomass.
XYLOGAS is an Austrian company, their products and plants are marketed, amongst others, by Prime Consulting GmbH (Herta Hofmarcher, hofmarcher@prime.co.at).
The Pilot Plant in Kohlberg/Gnas/Styria is in operation since more than 27.000 hours (by June 2010). 7.800 hours thereof were reached in 2009, which represents an availability of 90 %.
The pilot plant produces 180 to 200kW electrical and app. 380kW thermal power.
Process description:
The wood chips are first dried to 10 to 15% in a patent protected WALKING FLOOR drier and then transported to the gasifier, where the high quality wood gas is produced by means of hot air injection. In a multi stage cyclone cleaning system, the gas is first dry cleaned from coarse particles and then washed in oil flushed cyclones. Finally, the gas is ultrafine cleaned in an electro filter and combusted in a co-generator (combination of gas engine and generator) to generate electrical power.

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