To support the Kansas BioGENEius Challenge, KansasBio developed a series of bioscience-focused video conference sessions. These sessions are conducted by KansasBio research scientists and are geared toward generating interest by high achieving high school students and their teachers. The goal is to give students and teachers ideas for their science fair projects and the Kansas BioGENEius Challenge.

The path to become a BioGENEius begins with a high school science project that is entered into an ISEF qualified fair, such as the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair or the KC Area Science and Engineering Fair. Three students from each of these fairs will be selected as finalists for the Kansas BioGENEius Challenge. Winners of the Kansas Challenge will advance to the US National BioGENEius Challenge in Washington DC in June, 2011.

The Lunch at the Lab inagural session took place on January 14, 2011, at Piper High School in Kansas City, Kansas. Dr Eric Eastwood from Honeywell Industries provided an overview of his research projects in conjunction with their US Department of Defense contracts. Of course he did not disclose any confidential information, however, he did conduct a green polymer experiment in the session.

Twenty-two students who attended in person or via video conferencing or video streaming were able to see first-hand how the corn created a very strong foam polymer. Near the end of him presentation, Dr Eastwood actually stood on top of the cured foam to show its strength.

Lunch at the Lab continues with presentations throughout January and February. To participate, please contact Toni Adams at and include Lunch at the Lab in your message. She will forward dates and bios of the upcoming speakers.

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