Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you want to find out? Most people are guided by that mysterious thing in our lives called "purpose." If things are going well, it's because it's supposed to be that way. If things are not going well, it's because it's a lesson we are supposed to learn, one that will get us closer to our purpose someday. We all want a purpose, yet it seems like this all-important unobtainable thing. Yet, how can we find it?

His-Story - Purpose Of Existence(Produced By Nix Productions)

the beat is produced by ''Nix Productions'',a beatmaker from Denmark,he also produced beats for rappers such as Chief Kamachi, Rasul Allah,Decipher,Si-Klon and many more. make sure to check him out!



The story begins,the first moments on Earth /
Mother and Father loved eachother thats why you gain Birth /
Im not the First,and so called not the Last /
Every second days passin by,I notice time goes Fast /
And within a Blast,I feel the expectations humans Have /
Suffer,saddnes and rage,covered behind a Laugh /
To avoid your Past,know this isnt the best Solution /
Joy and hate combined,your creating a wrong Fusion /
An Illusion,you must not live on die Edge /
Just one simpel mistake and you wont be able to Catch /
In 2045 we struggle to stay Alive /
But all the humans on this earth will fight and manage to Survive /
The new vision was a Lie, thats why its unknown were to Drive /
We will follow the inner voice, then accept were we Arrive /
To accomplish for what we Strive,cuz its all that we Have /
Dreams live on even Past our Last Breth yo /

Just live your Life,and dont Hide /
Open your Eyes,and get ready to Fight /
Fullfill your Purpose,crumble back to the Surface /
Get up,its time to abend all your Burdens /
Show them what you got,your here for a Reason /
No matter the cost,cover up all the Bleeding /
The end is maybe Unknown,in times you feel Alone /
But that all will vanish when you conquer the Throne /


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