Director/Producer, Nina Womack aims to explore this important topic as a fair-skinned, black filmmaker who frequently encounters "colorism" within the black community. Nina has always had to "explain" her ancestry to people and hear racist remarks about her being "white" from her own African-American race. This film is an honest attempt to promote dialogue and awareness so we all can get over issues relating to the color of our skin.

In the aftermath of the recent, Light Skin vs. Dark Skin party making national news headlines, everyone can see "colorism" issues still exists in 2011 among the black culture and probably the world at large. People are generally perceived by outward appearances and for some reason, there is discrimination due to the hue of your skin. Why can't we seem to get past the color of people's skin? What is so ingrained in the human psyche, that we see division based on skin-tone?

In this thought-provoking, documentary series beginning with a look into the U.S., we will visit other parts of the world in the other series specials interviewing people who go through similar colorism phenomena and discuss possible solutions. Interviewees will consist of psychologists, historical, and sociological experts, everyday people who experience racism within their own culture, a look into Hollywood and celebrity view points, to name a few.

Please donate to the fundraising campaign to make this into a feature series by visiting the link below, Thanks.

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