We already have some material about 15 boulders and actually most in the list, but decided to go filming some more to cover all the great boulders around! ;-)

Heyo this is the trailer of our video, which comes at the end of the season, when we manage to climb and capture more boulders :)

Support us by helping with the edit, or sending some video material of cool boulders or giving some tips or whatever! Help us make some cool video!

On this video you can see:
1. Dr. Weed sds 7C
2. Metanoia 7C (part)
3. Pech und Schwefel 7A+
4. Electric Acenue 7C+

We would like to film more or we already have:
1. Mandala 7C
2. Red Zack 6C
3. Ramazotti 7C+
4. Hanuman sds 7C/+
5. Knax Klub sds 7C
6. High Voltage 7C+
7. Edel und Stark 7C+/8A
8. Lost Highway 7B+
9. Archeopteryx 6C+

For those who cannot get it because of the bad edit or filming - the first part is supposed to show how the weak climbers are trashed and how grades, sponsors and credit became the most important in bouldering :)

1. Necro - Underground
2. Cunninlynguists - Never Come Down

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