«All is well that begins well and has no end»

The "Twilight Congress" was a futurological conference of scientists, artists and politicians in the year 1947. The aim of the meeting was to kickstart the golden age, finding a formula for the 21th century that would enable them to predict and determine future realities at the same time. But the congress is getting chaotic as the participants can't agree on what the future should be like, the scientist argue over the invention of the atomic bomb, the artists are disillusioned and the politicians are drunk.

In Thom Luz' acclaimed production, the protocol of this congres serves as a theatrical score and a musical assignment. Five performers reproduce the events taking place in a secret location in russia with sound and music.

Luz developed a musical system that allows the cyclic build-up of a multi-layered soundscape before the audience's very ears. The perception of time is drifting out of focus as the future, the past and the present mingle.

Mit Mathias Weibel Evelinn Trouble Beatrice Fleischlin Sigurdur Arent Jonsson

Dramaturgie Marcus Dross
Tontechnik Martin Hofstetter
Licht und Kostüm Tina Bleuler
Technik Patrick Rymann

Video: Reto Schmid

Eine Koproduktion des Theaterhauses Gessnerallee mit der Kaserne Basel, dem Südpol Luzern und PRAIRIE Theaterförderung der Migros

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