The Wasilla Project started when a group of filmmaker friends came together to brainstorm on what they could do to have the most positive impact on the election. Hearing wild stories from the left and the right about Sarah Palin, we felt like it would be fascinating to go to Wasilla, Alaska, Palin's hometown and interview real people there about Palin and who she really is.

Soon we had raised money for flights from families and friends and pulled together a crew of 7 volunteers and we were off to Alaska. We conducted interviews Sept. 26-28, in and around Wasilla, Palmer and Anchorage. We also shot beautiful scenery in the area, with glorious fall colors.

We met some amazing folks who supported our project and gave us a lot of help along the way. We even got to go to the big high school football game of bitter rivals Wasilla and Palmer (unfortunately, Wasilla lost).

We will be producing and uploading 4 films before the election, and this is the first of the group. We hope you like it. Please stay tuned for the next ones in the series. For more info visit

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