Sagar Rathod - Visual Effects Artist - Film Showreel 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy - Character T.D, groom and cloth
Gravity - Character T.D, cloth sim
Dredd - Lighting, Layout
Dredd - Eye Seq Lead, Lighting, Model, Texture, LookDev, Anim
Mirror Mirror - Lighting Artist
Dredd - Pre Viz - Seq Lead, Storyboard, Lighting, Anim, Rig
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Creature technical director. Lead Muscle/Hair Sim and setup
The Golden Compass - Creature technical director. Muscle Sim, Tech Anim
Prince of Persia - Cloth and Hair technical director.
Sherlock Holmes - Rigid Body Effects, Tech Anim
Warhorse - Hair sim and setup
Primeval 3 - Lighting technical director
Where the Wild Things Are - Facial Rigging
Where the wild things Are - Face and Owl rigging

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