Directed by David Nicholson.

I (along with Jesse Locks) interviewed Terry Riley in the music room of his home at Sri Moonshine Ranch in Camptonville, CA in June of 2010.

I'd brought along some samosas for Terry and his wonderful wife Anne; and Terry made a delicious batch of chai. Before we sat down to nosh and chat I reminisced about the summer some dozen years previously when I'd attended an incredible series of raga singing lessons Terry conducted there at Sri Moonshine.

The initial encounters I had with Terry on those weekend afternoons in the summer of 1997 altered and expanded the way I thought about music forever, and I think this tends to be the general effect Terry (and his music) have on people: altering and expanding the way they experience reality.

Terry Riley is not only a great artist and one of the most important, creative and influential musicians of his time, but he's also as one of the brightest and most inspiring spirits I've ever encountered.

I think that comes across in this short film.

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