Trailer for Tom Pickard's debut short film 'Secrets Of The Content'


'Secrets of the Content' is a short film produced and directed by Tom Pickard. The production was shot on b/w Kodak film stock and is due for release late June 2010.


Please contact Tom at the above address if you any questions or screening/festival opportunities. Thankyou.

The film is based on the 1935 short story 'A Day Saved' by Graham Greene, originally published in his short story collection 'Twenty-One stories' in 1954. The story was carefully adapted to present itself in a contemporary time but staying true to the vintage narrative language that Greene wrote back in his early days as a writer.

The film was shot over four days on location in West and East London.

The story is told through the eyes of Robinson, a lonely wanderer who obsessively follows an everyday businessman through the streets of a modern London. He knows his every move, he steps his every step and breathes his every breath. He feels a connection to this man, he holds something that Robinson deeply, despairingly wants, but he does not understand
what it is or why he wants it so.

Presently in the story, the man changes his routine on his journey home, he takes a side street and cautiously enters a mysterious black door to a set of flats. Robinson can't breath, he finds himself distraught with no knowledge of the man's actions or whereabouts. His world becomes filled with uncertainty and desperation.

This is the story of secrets and lies, through the words of our intense protagonist, ROBINSON

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