"This is a session from the Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Learning Institute, called "Evidence-Based Practice in Action," held at the Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University, Bloomington on Wednesday, May 26th and Thursday, May 27th, 2010.

In this session, you'll hear from Kimberly G. Sperber, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer, Talbert House, in a presentation titled "Using Continuous Quality Improvement to Promote and Enhance Community Corrections.

Correctional agencies currently exist in an environment of continually shrinking resources, causing many funders to question the value of the services they purchase. Consequently, correctional agencies are faced with growing pressure to demonstrate that their services are effective through quantitative analysis. At the same time, funders are also demanding that correctional agencies implement evidence-based practices. The result of this is that many agencies have devoted significant resources to implementing evidence-based practices, often without building the necessary infrastructure to assure that staff are actually delivering the model as designed. The result is often poor fidelity to the model and corresponding poor client outcomes.

This presentation will discuss the role of CQI processes in: (1) monitoring and improving organizational/staff processes to improve fidelity to evidence-based practices, and (2) monitoring and improving client outcomes. This presentation will address minimum requirements necessary for a strong CQI model, potential uses of CQI data, and examples of CQI projects.

The Center for Evidence-Based Practice at Indiana University was founded in 2008 to improve accountability and consistency in Community Corrections services in the state of Indiana. Its mission is to assist in the evaluation of programs provided to juvenile and adult offenders and to help with the implementation of best practices by conducting systematic research and by facilitating access to technical information. The Center is associated with the Center for Adolescent and Family Studies, a center of the IU School of Education.

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