(Premiere: 1987 - The Joyce Theater, New York City)

Propelled by Yoko Ono's hypnotic score and framed by Keith Haring's stunning decor, this broad canvas of a work witnesses the conflict and violence that arises when the natural progression — the stream of life — is disrupted and diverted from its course. Danced on a floor strewn with newspapers etched with red footprints, against a spectacularly vibrant background, with costumes blaring Post headlines — all elements designed by Keith Haring— the piece becomes, in totality, a living work of art.

Choreography: Jennifer Muller
Music: Yoko Ono
Lighting Design: Ken Tabachnick
Sets: Keith Haring
Costume Design: William Katz and Keith Haring

Jennifer Brilliant
Lana Carroll
Allison Diftler
Sylvia Logan
Angeline Wolf

William Adair
Ron Brown
Jorge Gale
Jan Leys
Christopher Pilafian

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