Stereo 3D Animation - Asteroids in Space

University of Applied Sciences Mainz Mediadesign

Software: Maya, Zbrush, Realflow, After Effects

Zbrush Geometry, Background Maya Paint Effects,
Particle Layer:
1.Volume Scattering
2.nParticles Points, Clouds
3.Multi Streak Freeze Particles or Emit from Object
4.Geometry Instancing Particle System, Random Scale, Rotation Speed ruled by Expressions

5.Explosion: 2 Fluid Emitters + 1 Particle Point Emitter

6.Realflow Layer: Realwave+Particle Layer+Circle Emitters+Noise, WInd Gravity... Damons.

Stereo 3D Kamera
Converged Stereo 3D Mode
Scripted Near and Far Clip Plane
Full Animated Interaxial Seperation, Zero Parallax
Full Animated Floating Window

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