The goal was to design a logo and create the signal animation for "AXN Cinema", a prime-time programme on Tuesdays that screens action/adventure blockbusters.

It was crucial to create an exiting and vivid atmosphere which would captivate the audience.

The movie-strip chevron takes the viewer along an adventure, until it finds its place in the logo. The logo design was developed in parallel with the animation.

case study, logo evolution and integration:

The AXN logo is a registered trademark of SPT Holdings, Inc.


Client: SPT Network CE

Editing, sound engineering:
Tamas Hermecz - Creative Director
Tamas Ombodi - Senior Writer Producer

Zsuzsa Mezo - Regional Marketing Director
Viktoria Tabor - Marketing Executive

Factory Creative Team
Graphic works:
Attila Kristó - CGI (3D) Animator
Zita Tóth – CGI (3D) Animator
Andrea Zsombory - Designer

Creative concept:
Ildikó Bíró; Zsolt Fábián; Andrea Zsombory;
Attila Kristó; Balázs Bereczki; Zoltán Várkonyi;
András Heszegi

Zsolt Fábián - Creative Director [managing and creative director]
Ildikó Bíró – Art Director

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