Third and last in this series of three videos for one dive with Manta Rays in the South Andaman.

Some Facts about Manta Rays :-

1) The name Manta means blanket, and the fact that this creature looks like a blanket as it moves in the water is part of the namesake.

2) The mouth of the Manta Ray is located on the top of the head instead of on the bottom.

3) They are the only jawed vertebrates that also have limbs.

4) The offspring are born rolled up, and it can take several hours for them to get into the known flat body shape that we are familiar with.

5) The females don’t spend any time taking care of their offspring. Instead the offspring are left to fend for themselves after being born.

6) Suckerfish are commonly found riding on Manta Rays as well. They consume parasites and other problematic entities for these creatures

7) The Manta Ray's acrobatics are often seen as they jump out of the water. They engage in a variety of twists, jumps, and somersaults. Such behavior is believed to be part of how they keep their bodies clean from parasites. There is also evidence to suggest the females will jump over and over again before they give birth. The reason for it isn’t known.

8) Even though Manta Rays do not spend much time in the company of each other, they seem to enjoy the company of humans. They can be in the same are as Humans without any problems, as long as the Manta Ray doesn’t feel that it is threatened it will stay.

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