Oh Zoroaster,
You're kind of like Jesus,
But your name sounds like Zoro and Astro-boy.
Like a superhero prophet,
You knew the truth from lies,
And never gave the angra-mainyu power to destroy.
You taught the world of the ahura mazda,
The one true God and eternal masta,
But then you told everyone the world would end.
You told everyone that the eschaton was near.
Like Jesus you thought you could talk to God.
Like Jesus your religion was based on fear.
But you were first, you were first.
Twelve thousand years before.
You were first, you were first.
Oh, Zoroaster.
His followers are few.
I guess to get real popular he'd have to be a Jew.
Like a supernatural wizard,
He understood the way.
Taught general moral philosophy but was forgotten anyway,
But he was first, oh he was first.
Jesus aint got shit on Zoro.
He was first.

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