VI Documentary Caravan - Chetilla

Stephanie Vásquez, an old woman of the community remember us how was Chetilla at another time.

Director: Freddy Terán Herrera
Producers: Florentino Chilón Mendoza, Santos Sixto Cortéz
Camera: Francisco Valdez Herrera
Sound: Feliciano Caja García
Cut: Florentino Chilón Mendoza
Project advisor: Nicolàs Landa Tami

This documentary was producing during the Documentary Caravan a documentary dissemination and production project. A group of media communicators and documentary filmmakers, travel across the country (Perú) offering history and documental methodology workshops, camera operation training, sound and post production, as well as documentary producing workshops.
The project of the Caravan has been developed in Peru since 2005. Until now, the Caravan has been covered 26 places producing 103 short documentaries within cities, having more than 550 participants and an average of 5,000 beneficiaries in public documentary projections.

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