ESP Testing - Luke Jermay

The real life mentalist - Luke Jermay taking the benchmark test for E.S.P. Filmed by an audience member at a Private Dinner Party in London, England. Luke says; “This is not at all professional footage, I think it was filmed on an a party goers Iphone! However the footage is clear enough to see what is happening and the sound is surprisingly good. I love performing intimate mind magic at dinner parties and private events like this. The reactions on people’s faces by the end of the performance is fantastic and impossible with any other type of entertainment. This was the first thing I did for the group and by the end of the performance it was crazy! Keep an eye on the videos section as the guest has more which I will put up as and when, assuming the sound is clear and easy to understand as this one is!”

The E.S.P test is an artistic interpretation of testing carried out at Duke University in the U.S.A to test telepathy. Using muscle reading and contact telepathy as well as non-contact telepathy Jermay is able to reveal what a person is thinking about. This video also showcases the pendulum and its amazing ability to put the subconscious mind on display bringing the invisible parts of our minds to life. For more videos and information take a look at

Luke Jermay is a Professional Mentalist/Mind Magician based in London, England. Having been a creative coach to the likes of Derren Brown and Criss Angel as well as starring on the Emmy award winning CBS hit ‘The Mentalist’ alongside Simon Baker and Robin Tuney Jermay is one of the busiest professional mentalists/mind magician’s in Europe and is available for private and corporate performances world wide.

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