7 years ago I saw a demoreel that totally blew my mind. Ever since that day I told myself that one day, I'd create something just like it. Many years have passed and as you might suspect no demoreel ever appeared.

Until when I was sitting in class and our lecturer told us to go and make a demoreel, as kind of final exam for the Motion course. It took me quite some time to actually remember that 'childhood' wish, but when it came back, it stuck. I had to give it everything I could.

So I did. I don't think I slept more then 24 hours in the past 7 days. That is of course my own fault. That'll teach me to try doing these huge projects in so little time and then change my mind every other second.
In the end I had to cut a few corners (as you have undoubtably seen).

One day I'll recover from these mistakes and get it completely right.
See you back here in another 7 years.

MUSIC: Mos Def & Massive Attack - I against I
Learn more about Devine here: devine.be

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