Client: Welsh Rugby Union
Design & Post production: Mainframe (


For this project I was tasked with making a tool that would allow the shards to be placed on a character, groomed and have some dynamic movement. After an initial protoype in Houdini, I moved to Maya and wrote a custom hair system using Python and the Python API which allowed the shards to be grown on a surface and react to dynamic fields.
Due to the large volume of shards required in the scene (around 60,000), a number of other tools were also created to allow artists to work with the characters and setup in viewport, allow for rendertime generation of shards.
For shots where collisions had to take place I also wrote a tool also in Python, which created an nParticle setup based on the shards positions and orientation, wrote this data out to a custom binary file format, then read the data back into Maya when an artist or I was ready to render post-collision caching.

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