In 1997, songwriter Paul K received direct dictation from his late great hero Townes Van Zandt. Paul subsequently composed 5 songs that formed the basis of his magnum opus, 'A Wilderness of Mirrors', a rock opera/film soundtrack based on the Book of Job.

Loosely based on the Book of Job and conceived in 1997 -- coincidentally the same year John Bosch began filming Paul -- 'Wilderness of Mirrors' depicts a bleak story of loss and redemption. The album, arguably Paul's greatest, was released on Alias Records in 1998 and sold poorly.

As filming progressed over the years, Paul's 'real-life' circumstances began to merge eerily with those in his prophetic opera. The plots of both fictional and actual events became complex fragments of the same thing.

A rare work whose blistering soundtrack preceded its eponymous movie, the film follows three inseparable yet distinct narratives while examining questions of reality, identity, health... and aliens.

Notions that an artist can somehow be separate from his creation are abolished. This is hyper-reflexive cinema at its most ambitious.

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