New scientific evidence supports that humans have capacity to migrate their consciousness (or non-local mind) across distances to affect immediate tangible changes in tissue and pathology of mammals and other humans. This human capacity has been described by many ancient Eastern traditions as the ability to tap into life force (prana, chi, tao, spirit) is acknowledged and named as a key factor in health and well-being in most cultures of the world. Recently being more recognized by Western Medicine.

To migrate consciousness, a person must develop their ability to cultivate this “energy.” First, a person must master moving energy through practice, and then it can be used for healing the body and social ills.

Joseph (JP) Pierce Farrell
Author of book, ‘Manifesting Michelangelo’ (2011)
Endowed Chair in Consciousness Studies at the Global Health Institute (2009)

Joseph (JP) Pierce Farrell Web Site

Manifesting Michelangelo Book Site

Global Health Institute Website

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