a feature-length documentary by Erica Jordan and Dianne Griffin
associate producer and translator: Nhung Pham

“Painted Nails” is a character-driven documentary about, Van Hoang, a soft-spoken Vietnamese immigrant woman who worked seven-days-a-week in her San Francisco nail salon, only to learn that the chemicals she has been exposed to are causing serious health problems, including multiple miscarriages. The film provides a personal inquiry into Van’s transformation from a reserved woman struggling to better her family’s existence, into a champion for the Safe Cosmetics Act, as she testifies before a U.S. Congressional committee. Shot over the course of one-year, the film draws us in with delicate intimacy, portraying her life, the birth of her second child and her inspiring courage as she realizes she has a unique opportunity to make positive change for workers and consumers in America.

- now in post-production -

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