Right around the time I am about to finish the "Talamak" music video, I am editing on a poor over-used little 13" Macbook and am abusing the hell out of it. It crashed about 7 times and froze more than 50. Fearing it's near demise, I finish Talamak before the straw finally crippled the lil drive's back. Which causes me to believe I had lost all of the raw footage from my shoots with Chaz.

But after a sleepless night, the drive miraculously comes to in the morning, disheveling everything on there into a hundred different randomly numbered files on one folder entitled "lost + found."

Needless to say I lost a lot of cool stuff that I'll never have back that night. Pour one out for all lost clips.

Earlier this year I was perusing through that 'ole hard drive again out of curiosity and I looked in a folder entitled "87109." The footage found on that folder, combined with my brother Forest's photos (which he happened to take a lot of that day) on a Toro y Moi photo shoot with Andy Woodward + Brandon Wilner. All that + quirky outtakes from the one and only / first and last "Beat Lab" episode with Kid Trails aka Patrick Jeffords, I cut together a little video for the fun of it + excitement around his second record release. Which happens to kick major ass.

Hope you enjoy. Go buy his new album.
To quote Devin the Dude, "on wax, cd, or whatever."

Directed by Jon Casey

Video/Edit - Jon Casey
Photo - Forest Casey

Steadi-cam Op -
Austin Grebenc

For more info:


Shot in:
Columbia, SC

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