choreography / Amit Zamir
dramatist / Guen Murroni
eye from abroad / Roy Maliach Reshef
with / Claudia Caldarano, Pieradolfo Ciulli, Francesca Penzo, Sandro Pivotti, Matteo Vitanza
music / Emilio Pozzolini
costumes / Giada Masi
scenes / Claire Pasquier
lights / Karim Abou El Dahab

production / Fattoria Vittadini

We're born with a bullet in our head. That's a fact.
We need a delete button. That's another fact.
There's not enough Kit Kats in the world to solve our problems.
There’s a default network, the part of your brain that allows you to daydream.
The only thing to do is find our delete button, maybe a refresh button, the right one to take out the bullet and keep it in our pocket. It's always gonna be there to remind you to stop wasting time thinking about these things and go on with your life.

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