Peter and Sarah were on their way home from a pub.
Suddenly, Peter saw flashing lights in his rearview mirror.
He was being pulled over by the cops.
It seems that Peter was speeding.
“License and registration” requested the police officer.
“I told you that you were going much too fast!” Sarah scolded Peter.
“Shhhh!” Peter said to her angrily.
“I see your insurance has expired” the policeman informed Peter.
Peter claimed that he hadn’t realized he needed to renew his license and assured the officer that he would do so on the following day.
“I told you 2 months ago that your license was expired,” his wife exclaimed.
“Keep quiet!” Peter warned Sarah.
“And I also see that your registration has expired” said the officer.
“Really?” replied Peter, ”I’m usually so careful about these things. I can’t understand how this happened”
“Nonsense!” said his wife, “you’ve known about the expired registration for over a month!”
“ONCE AND FOR ALL, SHUT UP!” Peter yelled at his wife.
“Does your husband always speak to you like that ma’am?” asked the officer.
“Only when he’s drunk. ” answered Sarah
That’s all for now.
See you next time!

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