I was pretty liberal with the bass and dynamic range - listen with some fat speakers :-).

C4, Q8 and L3 were used across the board. Simple tools can go a long way - the transient sound at the very end is the flashbulb and fire effects, for example. The ticking sound is also the flashbulb processed through these fx.

Less extreme use of EQ is on, for example, the car bys that sync with the shrapnel in the second half - simple LPF.

Funkier use of the sound design kit:

1) The chimes in the second half are "Chimes2IdeaGlass"... modulated in morphoder by a gated (GTR Stomp 2) and pitch shifted "GlassBreakShards". The result was put through SuperTap 6, Enigma (Wow! What a fun toy!) and GTR Stomp 2's reverberator. A similar FX chain was used for the digital pops while the camera goes through the fire at the beginning - using a combination of in-plugin signals (saw wave and "organic") as the carrier instead of a Hollywood Edge sound effect.

2) The cannon transition towards the beginning (CannonBlastSolid) got some extra oomph from LoAir and RBass.

3) For the sound of going-through-the-fire I used some simple Q8 settings and Enigma on "GnatByLowFastCruis".

4) It's pretty subtle, but at the end of the short memory sequence, I processed "BulletImpactsWood" through Super Tap, GTR Stomp (Distortion and Reverb) and Enigma.

5) That whole memory sequence goes through the GTR Distortion Pedal and L3. The car sounds were used in that sequence, as was the flashbulb, gnat, and squealing pig.

I like Enigma a lot.


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