I've been fascinated with the light sensitivity of the Oxalis Triangularis (Purple Shamrock) at our kitchen table for several years. I've seen this plant's leaves open and closed, but never see it move. The Gizmodo Video Challenge gave me the motivation to finally find out what happens and make my first time lapse video.

I used my Rebel T2i (550D) and Canon's EOS Utility for Mac to take stills every 10 or 15 seconds (depending on the session). I used Apple's Quicktime 7 Pro to combine and export to 1080p at 24 fps. I edited speed, titles and music in iMovie.

Sunlight was the only light source used. For the dawn stills I used a longer exposure because the dusk shots weren't quite as colorful as I wanted (shot the night before).

The soundtrack is a loop from Garageband.

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