Books have been dedicated to this subject alone, so it is impossible to do justice to the culture behind the art of carpet making, we can only scratch the surface of this subject.

Symbolism plays a big part in Turkish Carpets, and wherever possible, we have attemped to interpret the symbols and provide a brief description and meaning for each product.
Due to individual weavers interpretations and and the abstract nature of some symbols it is not alway possible to do this.
Additionally some designs are made up of purely geometric patterns.

There are two basic products available, the familiar carpet or rug which has wool knotted into the base to form the pile, and the kilim, where the pattern is an intrinsic part of the base weave, and no knotted wools is used, which results in a "flat" weave. Kilims are more popular in warmer climates, but are becoming increasing more popular as timber based floors gain popularity. Additionally, it is not uncommom for a kilim to be used as a wall decoration.

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