Flesst is an innovative roof security system. For the construction fair and website we made a short video which explains the benefits and workings of the system in a nutshell.

The animation is created and rendered in Cinema 4D. I wanted to create a GI look but not have the increased GI render times. So with some tweaking with lights, ambient occlusion and focussing a lot on texturing I managed to do so.

The concept of the animation I made in cooperation with Hugo de Haas van Dorsser of Kunst Van Het Weglaten. We managed to distill all the important information after a few interviews with the inventor of the product; Hans Borra. We then put everything in the right order to get a logic and flowing product presentation for the target group.

Most of the 3D model building blocks were created in SolidWorks by Stefan Hamminga of Engit.nl. We managed to get the files imported in Cinema 4D after which I could build and texture the roofs.

The entire animation is made together with the great help of Menno Fokma. We spent many hours tuning and perfecting the animation and managed to get it all done before the start of the construction fair.

The voice over in the video is done by Job Boot of Job Boot Communicatie. And the sound design and music is created by Joris van Grunsven of Studio Takt.

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