[Credit List]

Director: JL
Assistant Director: Kay Jan
Creative Director: JL
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Art Direction: JL, Tzu Shin Wang
Director of Photography: Shiyin Fu
Stylist: Gwen
Project Coordinator: Shirley Yang

Head of Production: Chih Chung Tso
Designer / Compositor : Carol Wu, Utsuo Chen, Showy Lin
3D Artist: Chih Chung Tso, Waiting Chen, Gilbert Chu, Jason Yang

[Official Description]

Children see the world differently from adults. As we grow up, we start to lose that innocence, naivety and belief. A belief that anything is possible and that the world is a magical place.

We want to explore that worldview the children hold. Where imagination runs wild and dreams can still come true. Where the ordinary is made magic. Because for the adults that view has long been lost.

Thus we see ordinary situations presented in playful, surprising ways as how a child would imagine them to be.


Participated in 3D models, rendering, and others

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