Alpha_01 intends the viewer to take a more active and personal role when watching television, posing a new form of exposure to the media.

When analyzes and monitores the meaning and the different approaches that exist to watch TV and study how our body converts the pulses of light emitted by the device to electrical impulses through the optic nerves, it is proposed that the way that offers more creative insight "in seeing" this audiovisual medium is with eyes closed.

Stimulating the visual cortex using a specified light frequency range - constant and different from our eyes are used - our brain generates a state of mental and muscular relaxation, similar to the one conceived to oscillate between states of consciousness / subconsciousness.

Alpha_01 tries to generate a state imagination and creative hallucination suitable to project autosuggestions altering our visual perception.

The project comes of an analog video synthesis and an on-line audio-visual reactive software, opensource and multiplatform, to immerse the viewer deeper into its subconscious.

"The next visual piece works stimulating the visual cortex using a specified light frequency range, that may induce photo epileptic seizures on the 5% of the epileptic audience but hardly expressed in people over 20 years old.
If you feel dizzy, sweat, tachypnea or headache, please stop watching it immediately."

|Remain to view the next piece is at your own risk|

Complete info, and software in:

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