Sunday the 6th of June 2010 was the openings-day of the ‘Portiersloge’ at Strijp-S, Eindhoven the Netherlands. Strijp -S is the former Philips Factories location in Eindhoven. Those factories are closed now and Park-Strijp Beheer has the assignment to develop a new future for the area. The portiersloge is the live information portal to the future of Strijp-S. In this informationcentre visitors can find all kinds of relevant information about the location. Paperless information of today, past and present.

The architects (van Aken Architecten) designed the Portiersloge with a semitransparent synthetic skin to make the building look bigger in order to make it better fit in the scale of buildings of that area. Between the semi transparent skin and the original facade are LED’s fitted.

With these LED’s is very simple and a limited amount of animation possible. For instance to make a single character you only have 6 pixels in height. The total amount of pixels is 148 x 6 pixels. It is a very difficult task to make characters which are readable within that matrix. The LED’s are not of the same quality. Every LED gives different amounts of light due to the production-process. Another difficult task was that the architect asked me certainly not to make it a kind of illuminated news trailer.

Together with Lorna Goulden of Philips Design I did some storyboards but while implementing everything we had to skip most of our ideas because they were not abstract enough. The animations which were abstract worked best. Abstract ideas like gradients, lines and rectangles filled with different colors. At this moment we are still working on the optimalisation of the animations.

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