Reel Breakdown:
1 - "Kissing Up A Storm!" - audio clip from "Even Stevens"
2 - "The Graveyard Shift" - "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
3 - "Poker Mayhem" - audio clip from "World Series of Poker 2007"
4 - "The Final Countdown" - "The Final Countdown" music by Europe
5 - "I didn't want SALMON!" - audio clip from "Step Brothers"
6 - Figure and life drawings in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils

• Responsible for all Animation and Lighting
• Animated, composited, and rendered in Maya 2010, Adobe After Effects CS4, and DigiCel FlipBook
• Rigs courtesy of Animation Mentor
• Additional props and rigs from Turbo Squid ( and Creative Crash (
• Shark Rig 1.0.0 from Creative Crash
• "Night Cave" music by Kevin MacLeod (

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