It's taken a lot of time, effort and patience but finally here is my final piece I made for MEDI 262 in collaboration with Simon Wills.

The animation had to be experimental and so drawing inspiration from such animations as the "Animusic" collection, Tokyo Plastic's "Drum Machine" and the music videos for songs by The Chemical Brothers such as "Star Guitar" and "The Salmon Dance" we created a piece which like these examples, has mapped the animation/visual to the music/audio instead of it being the other way round.

We got a taster of working in this way when we created "Headphone Hilarity" but the amount of work needed for this piece was beyond my expectations!

None the less, I feel all this hard work paid off and we've created a piece of work we really enjoyed working on and are very proud of despite the big workload and I hope you enjoy it too :)


Joe Skinner
Simon Wills

Date Created - (20/1/2011)

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