I found a spring reverb box in an old mixer and was wondering what video would look like passing through it.

First I had to get video out of my laptop in a form that I could still interpret on the other end of the reverb (which means no compression). I set my sound card to 96kHz and used Jitter to output 5fps at 160x120 using jit.peek~.

For an initial test, I passed it directly back into the sound card, where jit.poke~ scanned it back into a video matrix. Then at about 1:06 I plugged the video into the spring reverb.

The circular shapes are from an alternate encoding I used, where each frame is scanned in a spiral instead of raster. You can see the different types of harmonics that emerge from the encodings.

The main parameters I'm tweaking throughout the experiment compensate for delay (like an offset knob), dc-offset, signal gain and every now and then I bang the springs.

The source video features a local guitarist on stage.

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