Three days of audiovisual live performances, shows, installations, and more. A group of ca. 25 artists, mostly from the Generative Art/Computational Art Class at UdK Berlin, will be showing a wide variety of works; exploring different concepts for improvised performance, playing in different combinations, taking turns with realtime artistic encounters, and other experiments. One can expect to hear network music with unplugged laptops, sounds generated with cybernetic analog brains, highly personalised audio/visual controllers based on workshop concepts like “All you need is gloves”, “perception/cognition/action” and “audio-visual instruments”; acousto-electric paper instruments based on “tangible auditory interfaces”, and other approaches to improvisation with analog/digital hybrid assemblages.

mit: Vera Albers, Javier Blanco, Bernhard Bauch, Till Bovermann, Caro Bräuer, Alberto de Campo, Tiago Cutileiro, Jessica Ekomane Etoua, Annie Goh, Andi Guntermann, Florian Hanisch, Sascha Hanse, Dominik Hildebrand, Mano Hiroki, Hannes Hoelzl, Petja Ivanova, Jae Yong Jeong, Lukas Kaser, Joon Kim, Philipp Klein, Karin Lustenberger, Mari Matsutoya, Martti Mela, Naomi Mulla, Michael Otto, Ruben Patiño, Tobias Purfürst, Florian Reischauer, Franziska Röhlig, Sam Roig, Elisa Storelli, Marek Straszak, Johanna Tauber, Gernot Untergruber, Dominik Wagner, Andre Wakko, Christian Zollner

Compiled by: Bernhard Bauch, Alberto de Campo, Fredrik Olofsson

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