**update: Yay! Bethan won an award and a trip to an Animated Exeter workshop**

Bethan's school project - an animation about an old story or fairy tale.

She worked hard, along with her helpers, pressing the shutter, moving the gingerbread man (and his stunt doubles), eating the extras, and I provided some technical help from time to time.

Not bad for a 6 year old (ok, I did help a lot) but together we made a great team.

1 day's work for 1.30 of animation. I am hoping she appreciates "vomit and gromit" a little more now!

Technical info
Shot on "Papa's camera from work" (that being a Canon 5D mkii on full manual (not that you could tell) and a 50mm f/1.2 lens). The set was badly lit with an old angle poise lamp. We used Quicktime 7 to make image sequences at 6FPS and then edited together with Final Cut Pro

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