Walking into Left Bank you’re hit with the scale of the place within the first footstep. The church is nestled way back from the main road, and considering we’ve lived in this city for some years now, it seems strange that it’s the kind of building you’ve never noticed walking by or driving past. Hidden underneath scaffolding and building debris the church has always been a mystery. It’s been a place we’ve always wanted to see.

Working with Paul Thomas Saunders provided the perfect opportunity.

We stepped into the building knowing only rumours of the acoustics. From what we’d heard from the few that had the pleasure of seeing harmonies literally cascade across the walls was that it is one of spine tingling quality. There was a reason why Corinne Bailey Rae had become a patron of Leeds’ most famous secret space. And for a band like Paul’s, so complicated in it’s different forms, yet so raw and intense in voice and performance, it seemed the perfect space.

We weren’t wrong.

We’re not religious peeps but there’s something about pious spaces that always makes us feel content. Suddenly your problems seem small in the scale of the space. Architects know what they’re doing when it comes to making you feel humble.

We waited for the night to fall before we lit candles and hung lights onto the walls, four floors up into the ceiling, four floors to the floor. We waited for the right time for the air to become so cold it left a vapour trail. We waited to see the raw intensity of Paul’s voice be manifest.

But when it all begin, when the music came through, suddenly we didn’t feel small. We felt connected. Everything kind of made sense. Suddenly the massive space felt filled. It echoed down the passage ways till long after we left. The music hit us like lens flares, it filled our frames with light. It was awesome.

Plus I caught a pigeon. With my own hands. It had been trapped in the building for God knows how long. And I caught it.

Outside I flung it into the air like I was throwing a stick to a dog. A stick with wings. And potentially lots of disease. It was pretty ace.


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