Made by:
Saskia Freeke (The Netherlands)
Jonas Kimmelmann (Germany)
Heidi Rand Sørensen (Denmark)
Joséphine Cambier (France)

Kolding School of Design (Denmark)
Course: Motion Graphic
for Unicef innovation

We made a video for Unicef Innovation about the reuse of packaging material, a project that is still getting developed by Unicef Innovation and also design students.

Our goal was to make a video that would be playful and serious. Clean and clear graphics. Also wanted to inspire people.

First we tell the story about the cardboard boxes how the get used, at a point we see a great opportunity to do something, then we show some examples.

We wanted to make not just a video, but a interactive video.
At the end of the video there would be a application to draw and describe your own idead about the reuse of packaging material. So that Unicef Innovation get more ideas for the future.

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