As a follow-up test to Curiosity (an experiment in paper cut-out style animation in 3D), I decided to play with an animated texture and alpha map, as opposed to using a single sketch.

I felt this would lend more energy to the character, even on held/still poses.

The original sketch was scanned, split apart (head and body only for this quick test), placed multiple times across an 8.5x11" document and printed very gray/light onto a piece of paper.

I then drew over these light outlines with a 6B pencil and shaded the character's skin tone with a 2H pencil.

Having a guide kept things mostly uniform, but still allowed for the lively edges and variation in shading that I was going for.

The eyes and mouth were simply drawn with the head for this test. In an actual scenario the eyes and mouth would be on separate layers, with their own frames drawn repeatedly for the same sketchy effect.

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