Produced in 2009. Runtime: 4 x 3 minutes.

The Financial Crisis (Session I-IV) is a new film work in which SUPERFLEX address the financial crisis and meltdown from a therapeutic perspective. A hypnotist guides us through our worst nightmares to reveal the crisis without as the psychosis within. During 4 sessions you will experience the fascination of speculation and power, too fear, anxiety and frustration of loosing control, economic loss and personal disaster.

Session 1 - The Invisible Hand
Session 2 - George Soros
Session 3 - You
Session 4 - Old Friends

The Financial Crisis (Session I-V) was created for Frieze Film 2009 and screened on Channel 4's '3 Minute Wonder' slot from Monday 12 October to Thursday15th October, at 7.55pm.

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