This week we Sink The Bismarck with the help of a special guest from Down Under, David Summergreene. David is best known as "The Mule", as he brings us fresh and delicious Epic Brewing beer on a regular basis.

When he was in town last, we decided we needed to introduce "The Mule" to the rest of you, and since he is a big talker on twitter, what better beer to introduce him with then Brew Dog's Sink the Bismarck.

We also talk about blending beer in your mouth, give bad love advice but good beer buying advice, and discuss the controversy of the big brew wars.

Over at Master Pairings, Brad joins Dr. Bill, and Bill continues on his breakfast pairings with a Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse paired up with Banana Pancakes. Dr. Bill gives some Hefe pouring advice, with interesting results, including how to agitate the yeast into the last shot of the beer.

Follow David on Twitter for a good time ;)

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