Directed and produced by:
Talía Osorio and Roberto Restrepo

In coproduction with:
Bogota Digital Cinema

2 x 52 minute documentary that would also have a Theatrical version.

Filmed in Digital Cinema from April to July of 2010.

Actually in postproduction


“Jala”, water in Sanskrit, is an invitation to discover the overwhelming universe of India along 2,800 kilometers of the Ganges river, in which seemingly irreconcilable opposites converge: overabundance and misery, the worship of natural elements and uncontrolled pollution, the mundane and the divine; all hand in hand with the living saints and renouncees, naked and covered in ash, whose spirituality is intimately related to the waters; the myths and the ancient texts; humble farmers and fishermen who earn their daily bread from what the river provides. It is also a reflection on the importance of water as the basis of civilization, of spirituality and of life, where the ecological values of Indian tradition, which in many ways are in opposition to the modern western world, are highlighted.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future, the Ganges will disappear, or become a seasonal river, like the Saraswati that once nourished the first Indian Civilization. However, Indian tradition views annihilation and death as an essential part of life and existence.
In this respect, Indian tradition teaches a double lesson of humility on the finite nature of humanity: in its relationship with nature, in which culture should try to exist with respect and reverence and in view of the inescapable reality of transformation, decadence and death.

Jala, offers a perspective on the environmental crisis, contrasting modern points of view and traditional Indian positions as it regards the place of man in the world and the meaning of life and death.

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