A Halo 3 Gameplay montage Featuring the COWBOYS FROM HELL XBOX 360 gaming clan. Just a little gameplay mashup vid to show some love to the CFH and all the great games of Halo 3 we had over the years! Thanks for playing guys, see you on Reach and Xbox live.

All footage shot using the Theater mode in Halo 3, video rendered off game by Bungie.net, edited on AVID's Pinnacle Video spin program by James Kellough aka Bigcavidaddy01, all game footage is owned by the respective xbox live gamertag associated with it. XBOX Content used under Microsoft's fair game usage agreement.

Songs used-
Cowboy Way- Hell Yeah
The Time "dirty Bit"- Blackeyed Peas
Get Low- Little Jon and the Eastside Boys
Diamond Eyes- Shinedown

"Here we come reach for your gun."
"Aimed at you were the COWBOYS FROM HELL!"

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