Transgender Network Netherlands (TNN) in association with the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme and the Melkweg Galerie are pleased to be hosting “Serious Game” and "genderfreedom!"

- Serious Game:
In May of 2008, over 200 transgender activists from around the world met at a conference in Berlin. In the course of that conference, the artists invited 26 Trans* activists to take part in a project creating multimedia portraits.

The artists conducted portrait and interview sessions in a separate photo studio. The photographs are close-up headshots, in which the naked shoulders refer to the body of the portrayed subject without disclosing it. The gaze is directed into the camera.

In interviews, the subjects speak of their personal lives, their self-representation, transgenderism and identity. Fragments of the interviews are played in the installation through a sound-system. The authorship of the statements remains deliberately unclear, so that there is no coherency between photograph and sound.
This form of presentation prevents the featured subjects from being perceived as representatives of transgender folks per se. In fact, they remain individuals to the highest degree.

- genderfreedom! is an documentary social photography project.

Daphne Channa Horn lived for two years along with the lives of trans and queer people through the eye of her camera.

"This project is a mirror for my own life, and connects to my own sense of ambiguous gender. Because of that I can shoot portraits with an intense story.

The goal is to get the viewers to confront their assumptions and get acquainted with topics they otherwise would pass up.
With genderfreedom! I show a range of gender and sexual fluidity within pe

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