A music video I wrote and directed for the song "Heyla" by the band Junior Giant.

This was shot and produced in cooperation with the UVU cinematography club.

Junior Giant “Heyla” Credits

Written & Directed By: Neil Hiatt

Director of Photography: Jeremy Prusso

1st A.D.: Stelios Xanthos

Editor: Matthew Butler

On Set Photographer: Reggie Hansen

On Set Videographer: Jorden Nash

Visual FX: David Moore, Kevin King, Matthew Butler, Jorden Nash

Dance Choreographers: Stephanie Baxter & Ryun Nacario

Script Supervisor: Brittney Johnson

Location Manager: Anmarie Linsley

Camera Crew:
Jeremy Prusso
Bradley Crane
Stelios Xanthos
Matthew Butler
Kevin King
Reggie Hansen
Eric Lawrence
Jorden Nash
Colby Curtis
Henrik Patterson

D.I.T. (Solitude) - Michael Evans
D.I.T. (Bar Deluxe) - Henrik Patterson
D.I.T. (Face Off LAX) - Eric Lawrence

Sean Pullan
Austin Wilson
Bradley Crane
Reggie Hansen
Stelios Xanthos
Jeremy Prusso
Henrik Patterson
Michael Evans
Eric Lawrence

Yu-Chen Hansen

Stunt Skiers
Julian Carr

Ryun Nacario
Stephanie Baxter
Sierra McCombs
Brandon Morrill
Maxwell Path
Shelby Vigil
Whitney Lee
Madison McBride
Chalen Adams
Daulton Swan
Brady Stroud
Ryan Thomas
Anthony Fellows
Chris Sowell
Zak Nebeker
Kyle Robins
Chris Biscupovich
Katie Benson
Dane Hansen
Erin Birge
Charlie Shaw
Lizzie Ekong
Taylor Rasmussen

Shot on Location at:
Solitude Ski Resort (Solitude, Utah)
Bar Deluxe (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Face OFF LAX (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Promotional Consideration Provided by:
Atomic Skis

Special Thanks to:
Solitude Mountain Resort
Bar Deluxe
Junior Giant
The Linsley Family

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